Note: This paper is based upon Hawaii Tax Information Release No. 2017-01. The questions and answers are designed to help nonresident (absentee) owners understand the Hawaii Real Property Tax (HARPTA) Law.

Note: Neither Stott Real Estate, Inc. nor any of our agents or employees is licensed to provide either legal or tax advice. Licensed professionals such as attorneys or CPAs should be consulted for legal or tax advice.

Hawaii Real Property Tax Law (HARPTA)

Videos on HARPTA

These  videos are  for basic informational purposes.  Neither Stott Real Estate, Inc. nor any of our Agents or Employees are licensed to provide legal or tax advice.  Stott Real Estate, Inc. highly recommends seeking advice from appropriate licensed professionals, such as CPAs or Attorneys.

Frequently Asked Questions About HARPTA
What is HARPTA?
How much is collected under the HARPTA law?
What is the actual Hawaii capital gains tax?
If the collected amount is too large, how do you obtain a refund?
What if there are insufficient proceeds from the sale to pay the withholding or if there is a loss on the sale rather than a gain?
Is Hawaii tax law for the sale of a personal residence similar to the federal law; i.e., the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997?
How does an owner obtain the HARPTA forms?
What defines a nonresident?
Does HARPTA apply to military members?
Are there any exceptions to the 7.25% of sales price withholding?
What do you mean by “no taxable gain?”
What do you mean by an IRC 1031 tax-deferred exchange?
How is HARPTA enforced?
Where can I obtain additional information?

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