Stott Property Management, LLC Service Booklet

Was designed to provide owners and prospective owners information concerning Stott Property Management, LLC’s policies and procedures.  We look forward to managing your property.

Stott Property Management, LLC’s mission is to help owners maximize the returns on their Oahu Real Estate Investments.  Our goal is to establish a long-term business relationship with you through superior customer service so that you feel confident in recommending us to your friends and family. 

– Tim Kelley

ROI is important, here is whyThe success of any investment is typically measured by the return on investment or ROI.  The largest impact on an owner’s real estate investment is the original price paid for the property.  Not only is the sales price used to calculate the ROI, it often drives the largest fixed expense, the mortgage.  While Stott Property Management, LLC can’t change the original sales price, Stott can help maximize your cash flow.

The keys to having and keeping a successful real estate investment property are:

•    Minimize Vacancies
•    Attract Quality Tenants
•    Control Expenses
•    Liability Mitigation

Stott Property Management, LLC’s services, policies, and procedures are designed to maximize an owner’s cash flow over the long term.

Determining Market Rent
Marketing Vacant Properties
Renting to Family and Friends
Vacant Property Updates
Prospective Tenant Screening
Tenant Check-In
Cash Flow Statements
Direct Deposit
Periodic Property Inspections
Maintenance and Repairs
Tenant Check-Outs
Rental Market Analysis
Coordinating with the Sales Division
Offering Competitive Fees


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use a licensed Property Manager?
What are the risks associated with having an unlicensed person manage my property?
How do I minimize my chances of getting sued?
How can I protect myself if I do get sued?
Can I attract better tenants by asking a higher rent?
Why must I provide a Social Security Number?
How much security deposit can I require?
Can I require a pet deposit?
Why Does Stott Property Management want to be added as additionally insured on my liability insurance?
Does Stott Property Management, LLC require the tenant to pay General Excise Tax on top of the rent?
Why must I maintain a minimum balance of $300?
Should I buy a home warranty from American Home Shield or another company?

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