Renting In Hawaii

db-backsideFinding a suitable rental property on Oahu is different from many other parts of the country.  Since the Honolulu Board of Realtors has not set up a compensation system for agents to successfully find a tenant a home, most agents will only show property managed by their own company.  The resulting burden affects people moving to the island much more than people that already live here and are just looking for a new place to live.

Due to the island’s unique landscape, the prevailing climate will change dramatically over a relatively short distance.  In general, neighborhoods on the northern portion of the islands and closer to the mountains will be cooler and receive more rain.  Oahu’s microclimates are well documented on various websites.

There are some steps that a person moving to the island should take before signing a lease to improve the chances of finding a home that he and / or she will be happy to live in.  We understand that some of these steps may not apply to all people.


Try to set your expectations appropriately
Seek advice from your employer
Seek advice from a property manager
Use the internet
Do not sign a lease before walking through the property